Model: 102DC

Arc Spray System Setup


TypeFeature Description
Size440mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 185mm (H)
Drive24V DC Semi Servo Motor
Net Weight4.5Kg.

Power Source with Control Console

Model: 100DC

The control consul works for two operating modes called as Pneumatic and electric driven for supplying metallizing wire to the spray nozzle. In the first mode the spray gun is hand held and pulls the wire into the nozzle to get atomized. Where as in second mode the Wire Arc Spray Gun (DC Drive) is attached to an electric driven motor to pull the wire into the spray system. When there is a need to operate the wire arc spray equipment in Lathe Tool post or robot Wire Arc Spray Gun (Air Drive) is recommended for manual operation as it is light in weight. The system is completely mobile and is mounted with trolley wheels for the ease of movement according to the need of operation, A high velocity air facility is inbuilt in the control panel to increase the velocity of the particle for enhanced deposition efficiency, bond strength and fine spray.


Arc Spray System

Model: 250 AMP

Model: 400 AMP

Model: 600 AMP

MAX MELTING OUTPUT (KG./HR.)ZincAluminumCr-Ni-SteelAl-Bronze

15.004.306.60  –  7.157.50 – 7.95

30.008.6013.20 – 14.3015.00-15.90

45.0012.9019.80 – 21.4522.50 – 23.85

MAXIMUM COVERAGE (M /100M/HR)ZincAluminumCr-Ni-SteelAl-Bronze




High Velocity option installed


On Request


Wire Size ( Diameter)

1.6mm to 2mm

1.6mm to 3.17mm

2mm to 3.17mm

Wire Feed

Both Pneumatic & Electric Drive

Both Pneumatic & Electric Drive

Both Pneumatic & Electric Drive

Power Source with control console weight

117 kgs. (approx.)

156 kgs. (approx.)

333 kgs. (approx.)


37” x 18” x 39”

40” x 22” x 43”

36” x 26.5” x 45”

Power Requirement

7KW / 9.5 HP

15KW / 20 HP

25KW / 33.5 HP

POWER SOURCE INPUTVoltage (V)Phase (nos)Frequency (Hz)Rating:@60% Duty Cycle@100% Duty Cycle

415V±1035022.5 (KVA)18 (KVA)

415V±1035022.5 (KVA)18 (KVA)

415V±1035039 (KVA)31 (KVA)

Power Source OutputStatic CharacteristicsOpen CircuitVoltage Range

ConstantPotential 18-40

ConstantPotential 18-54

ConstantPotential 65

MAX.OUTPUT CURRENT@60% Duty Cycle@100% Duty Cycle

250 (Amp.) 190 (Amp.)

400 (Amp.) 310 (Amp.)

600 (Amp.) 465 (Amp.)

Portable Wire Feed & Gun Stand

Hoses & Cables