Spray and Fuse Gun

Spray and Fuse Gun

MST- 100 is an Oxy-acetylene gas gun which deposits special alloy powder on the ferrous surface to rebuild worn part or to protect part against corrosion & abrasion. Deposited alloy material is metallurgically fused with the substrate, hence coating is firmly bonded with the base. The design of the gun is such that it can spray a wide variety of powders.


The spray & fuse coating is a two step process which involve a self fluxing alloy coating usually using a thermal spray process and then fusing the coating by applying very high heat (1900-2000º F). This fusing followed by coating forms a metallurgical bond with the substrate. Coatings created by this process form a very dense & high wear resistant coating similar in performance to a hard-faced weld overlay. But one should take care that the coating material & substrate are metallurgically compatible.


Self fluxing type alloys which melts at low temperature and fuse with the substrate. Mostly Nickel, Chromium and Boron based.


This process is normally for thin coating say upto 1mm.
However, by taking special precaution coating upto 2mm thickness can be produced.


All ferrous metals and weldable steels as well as some non-ferrous parts can be coated. Apart from reclaiming worn parts it can be used to apply coating on new component to withstand particular service condition i.e. Wear resistance or resistance to abrasion, hear or corrosion. In fact, inferior metal can be used as base and overlaid by coating of special alloy metal which ultimately saves cost also.

Spray and Fuse Gun Setup