Powder Flame Accesories


5PM – 11
6PM – 11

Gas Control Unit

Consisting of precision two stage regulators for regulative oxygen and fuel gas supply to gun.
Gas Regulator (Acetylene )

Air Control Unit

Consist of Air regulator with pressure gauge and dual air filter for regulating compressed air supply to the gun.
.,Air Control unit

Hose Kit

Standard length of High pressure hose for oxygen and fuel gas to connect the gun with Gas Control Unit
Hose Pipe


For certain fine materials or powders that are not freely flowing, the 5PVM Vibrator is available in single phase 220V AC/110 VAC

2GFM Gas Flow Meter

Use for measuring the flow of Oxygen and Fuel gas and also prevent back fire

Air Jet Assembly

If additional workpiece cooling is required or if denser, harder coatings are desirable, the 2PSAAir Jet Assembly is available. Designed for attachment to the front of the 5P-II
gun, it injects high velocity air into the spray stream. Adjustable cooling tubes can be focused towards any part of the spray stream or directly onto the workpiece.

Extension Nozzle

Extension Nozzle for the 5PM-II gun permit coating of interior bore diameters and surfaces, and are available in three standard lengths:
305mm – 1 Feet
61Omm -2 Feet
91Omm -3 Feet


Metallizing Helmet

Light weight & comfortable with excellent vision. Supplied from a separate air supply which should be filtered by Helmet Air Conditioner.
Metallizing Helmet

Air Breather

This is installed in between compressed air line originating from fitting to the operators helmets. Activated charcoal is contained in the breather unit which separates the oil traces
from the compressed air and clean compressed air is fed to the operator’s helmet.
.,Air Breather

Helmet Air Conditioner

Air from the air breather is fed to the helmet air conditioner and air is contained before it is fed to the helmet for breathing. It has also a regulator knob so that the operator can regulate the temperature of air fed to the helmet. It is self driven and doesn’t need external power.

Ear Muff

Light weight & comfort able. Operator & other personnel close to the spray operation must wear. Protect the operator from noise originating during thermal spray.
Ear Muff

Protective Glass

Light weight & comfortable with excellent vision. Operator & other personnel close to the spray operation must wear.
Protective Glass

Operator Safety Mask

Ensure clean breathing air at all times. Conforms to current legislation on breathing air quality.

Hand Gloves

These are made of rubber and have anti-static properties. Hand gloves protect the operators ‘ hand against flying abrasive and static charge if any.