Powder Feeder MPF 3350


The MPF3350 Powder Feeder is specifically designed for thermal spray coatings. Its compact size makes it a portable powder feeder, which can be carried to site for job work. The unit is controlled to extremely precise and repeatable feed rates. The powder hopper (canister) is mounted on a hinged plate which allows users to easily remove excess powder and clean the interior. Separate powder feed and carrier gas controls make it simple to clear excess material throughout the spray system. Remote operation switch can be added to any gun.
Technical Specifications
Number of Canisters1 (one)
Canister Capacity3350 CC Each
Canister Dimensions120mm (Inner Dia.) x 310mm (Height)
Cabinet Dimensions16.5” L x 16.5” B x 26” H
Electricity220V/ 1P/ 50-60 Hz OR 110V/ 1P/ 50-60 Hz
Weight42 Kg (Approx.)