For Zinc Metallizing of external surface of LPG Cylinders size-
Minimum diameter 305mm x 620mm length & maximum diameter 350mm x 730mm length

Production Output

700 to 800 nos. per shift cylinder diameter 305mm x 620mm length with Arc Spray Gun

Brief Working

The Cylinder is placed manually on twin roller conveyor which moves forward in longitudinal direction as well as rotates inside the dry spray booth. The twin roller conveyor is driven by electric motor. The Operator spray Zinc with the help of either Wire Flame Spray Gun or Arc Spray Gun (Air Drive or DC Drive) with Power Source.
The dust and fume created during Zinc Metallizing process is sucked by the exhaust fan mounted on Fabric Dust Collector. The Cyclone collect the coarse dust and very fine dust get collected in the Fabric Bag Dust Collector, keeping the environment clean and friendly

Spray Booth

The Spray Booth is fabricated from heavy gauge MS Sheet in folded and welded construction with requisite strength and rigidity.
Spray Booth Opening – 900mm (W) x 750mm (H)


Both sides of Spray Booth are provided with Vestibules to prevent spread of dust and fumes while entry/ exit of Cylinder.

Track & Twin Roller Conveyor

Track is provided on both the sides of the Spray Booth to accommodate twin roller conveyor. The Conveyor is driven by electric motor. Three step pulley arrangement is also provided for speed adjustment.
Track Dimension : 1225mm (L) x 625mm (H)
Drive: 1.5 HP/415V/3P/ 50Hz with Gear Box

Twin Cyclone Dust Collector

Twin Cyclone dust collector, fabricated from heavy gauge MS Sheet is provided to facilitate collection of coarse dust.

Fabric Bag Dust Collector

A fabric bag dust collector is provided to collect the fine dust generated during metallizing operation


Suitable ducting from spray booth outlet to inlet of cyclone dust collector and from cyclone dust collector outlet to inlet of fabric bag dust collector is provided.

Control Panel with Wiring

A Control Panel is provided to house push button / switches for motors of dust collector and motor of twin roller conveyor.