Textile Industries

Thermal Spray in Textile Industries

The abrasive qualities of man-made fibers, particularly nylon and polyester, and the corrosive characteristics of additives, such as fiber finishes and lubricants, combine to deteriorate yarn contact surfaces. High rotation speed of grooved rollers results in considerable abrasion wear.

Due to the very high rotational speed, the roller has to be made from aluminum, and therefore, the reduction in wear can only be achieved by the deposition of a coating that also must be as light as possible.

Thermal spray coatings have been used against wear and corrosion on textile machinery parts such as:

The high-velocity rotating parts are often coated with alumina or alumina–titania coatings. TiO2 addition lowers significantly the microhardness of the alumina coating but increases its toughness

Parts such as knives and extruder dies are coated by HVOF-sprayed tungsten carbides, while textile rolls are plasma sprayed with alumina–titania