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We, at Metal Coat started our journey way back in 1988, are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a vast array of Thermal Spray Equipment and Coating Systems. With over 30-year experience in developing Thermal Spray Equipment and Coating Systems we provide you with our wide range of Thermal Spray Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment and Consumables for your specific application.

Our products are widely demanded in automobiles, aerospace, biomedical, paper, electrical, power generation, food processing, marine, oil, transportation, LPG Cylinder Manufacturing, Tube Mill, Railway and many more industries.

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Thermal spray wires

Metal Coat offers high-quality thermal spray wires including but not limited to zinc, aluminium, stainless Steels, aluminium bronze, various cored wires, alloy 625. Contact us to know more.

Thermal spray spare parts

The continuation of your thermal spray activities is ensured by the availability of our spare parts and consumables. We stock all the spare parts for your immediate needs.


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Protection against corrosion : The benefits of sprayed metallic layers

There is almost no limitation on the size of component or structure which can be treated. The materials are simple to apply using Metal Coat combustion flame or electric arc spraying equipment. Operators can be trained in a relatively short time and with a small amount of practice are capable of producing consistently sound and

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Properties Of Sprayed Coatings Efficiency And Coverage

Efficiency is used as a test to assist in establishing the optimum economic and technical deposition parameters. In general, conditions giving high deposition efficiencies are close to those for optimum fuel utilisation, they are also close to those for maximum integrity. Factors Affecting Efficiency Efficiency will be affected by: The shape and size of the

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Thermal Spray versus Other Coating Processes

Thermal spray processes differ from other coating processes in that they are non-atomistic; that is, they do not deposit material onto surfaces as individual ions, atoms, or molecules. Instead, relatively massive particulates are deposited onto a surface in the form of liquid droplets or semimolten or solid particles. Coating feedstock materials usually come in the

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